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Shanghai High People’s Court




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Shanghai High People’s Court

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Shanghai High People’s Court was established on April 30, 1955, and is located at No. 308 Zhaojiabang Road, Shanghai.

Basic Information

Chinese Name



Xuhui District, Shanghai


Headquarters: No. 308 Zhaojiabang Road, Shanghai

Petitions Office: No. 248 Donglan Road, Shanghai

Postal Code



021-34169666 63080000 (Headquarters); 021-64511123 (Petitions Office)

Time of Establishment

April 30, 1955

Total Number of Personnel



Name of the President of the Court

Cui Yadong

Profile of the President

Cui Yadong, male with Han nationality, is a Chancellor of Class II. He now serves as the secretary of the CPC Leading Group and President of Shanghai High People’s Court.

Brief Introduction to the Court

Shanghai High People’s Court governs such special courts as Shanghai No. 1 Intermediate People’s Court and Shanghai No. 2 Intermediate People’s Court, Intermediate Railroad Transportation Court, Maritime Court, Intellectual Property Court as well as 17 district and county courts. It is responsible for the trial of the cases of first instance, the cases of first instance transferred by the people's courts at a lower level, the cases of first instance that the Supreme People's Court requires it to try according to laws, the cases on appeal for the judgments and decisions made by intermediate people’s courts, Maritime Court, Intellectual Property Court at first instance. Shanghai High People’s Court shall guide and supervise the trial work of the people's courts at lower levels.

Organizational Structure

Shanghai High People’s Court now has the Case Filing Tribunal, Criminal Tribunal, Civil Tribunal, Civil and Commercial Tribunal, Intellectual Property Tribunal, Tribunal of Maritime Affairs, Financial Tribunal, Administrative Tribunal, Trial Supervision Tribunal, Appeal Review Tribunal, Comprehensive Minors Tribunal, and Enforcement Office. Besides, it also has such general departments as the Executive Office, Office of Political Affairs, Cadre Training Center, Trial Management Office, Research Office, Administrative Equipment Office, Inspection Office, Bailiff Squadron, and Legal Publicity Division.

Court Development

In recent years, Shanghai High People’s Court, closely centering on the goal of 'making the masses to feel judicial equality and justice in every single case', adhered to the mainline of justice administration for the people and just law enforcement, took the reform of the judicial system as a driving force to strengthen judicial work and served the overall situation to promote the rule by law in Shanghai and to build a peaceful Shanghai. It adhered to the principle of managing the court with strict regulations to build personnel teams of high quality, striving to create a favorable legal environment and provide effective judicial protection for Shanghai's economic and social development.

Shanghai High People’s Court focused on promoting the judicial openness to create an open, dynamic, transparent, and convenient judicial mechanism, and has built such new channels for judicial openness as the 12368 litigation service platform, the intellectual property judicial protection platform, the attorney service platform, the news and information publicity platform. The judicial transparency of Shanghai High People’s Court has ranked No. 1 among all courts of China for two consecutive years.

As one of the pilot units in the national judicial system reform, Shanghai High People’s Court strictly followed the overall plan made by the Central Government, Shanghai CPC Committee and the Supreme People's Court, and adhered to the principle of 'being designed by the highest authority, implemented by steps, carried out by pilot units first, doing the easier issues before the difficult ones, implemented by in a stable way', took the correct direction of reform, accurately understood the goals and tasks of the reform, promoted the reform with focus step by step in an orderly manner and has achieved preliminary results.

Shanghai High People’s Court focused on the court personnel team building by strengthening the education on clean government and the supervision on trial practice. It enhanced the normalized, specialized, and professional development of the judge team, and constantly improved the judicial ability to provide strong guarantee for practicing judicial justice and to improve working quality.


In recent years, Shanghai High People’s Court has won the First-Class Merit Citation to Individuals for 1 person-time, the Second-Class Merit Citation to Individuals for 18 person-times, and the National March 8 Red-Banner Holder for 1 person-time. Three judges namely Zou Bihua, Wu Kailin, Ding Wenlian were awarded with the 'China Experts in Trial Business' and Sheng Yongjiang won the honorary title of 'China Model Judge'.


Other Information

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