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Shanghai Maritime Court




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Shanghai Maritime Court

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Shanghai Maritime Court was established in June 1984 and is located at No. 567 Yingchun Road, Pudong New Area. Shanghai Maritime Court mainly takes charge of the disputes on maritime contracts and maritime tort relating to ships, shipping, ports and crew on seas and waters connecting to ocean.

Basic Information

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Pudong New Area, Shanghai


Headquarters: No. 567 Yingchun Road, Pudong New Area, Shanghai

Yangshan Deep-Water Port Tribunal: No. 2, Lane 1750 Luchaogang Road, Pudong New Area, Shanghai.

Local Tribunal in Lianyungang: No. 15 Yuanqian Road, Lianyun District, Lianyungang City, Jiangsu Province.

Yangkou Port Tribunal: Room 203, Building B, 15#D04 Building, No. 8 Zhongnan Century City, Chongchuan District, Nantong City, Jiangsu Province.

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Time of Establishment

June 1, 1984

Total Number of Personnel



Name of the President of the Court

Zhao Hong

Profile of the President

Zhao Hong, female, born in February 1967, Master of Law, now is the secretary of the CPC Leading Group and President of Shanghai Maritime Court.

Brief Introduction to the Court

Shanghai Maritime Court was established in June 1984 and is located at No. 567 Yingchun Road, Pudong New Area. Shanghai Maritime Court has a jurisdiction of cross-administrative regions, which covers Jiangsu Province and the coastal waters of Shanghai (including Yangshan Deepwater Port and its surrounding waters) and waters connecting to ocean below Liuhekou, one of Yangtze River waterways. The Court has a total of 115 personnel. The registered permanent staff is composed of 2 doctors, 66 masters, 45 undergraduates and 2 junior college graduates, among which 98.2% hold Bachelor's Degree or above and 65% graduated from legal or shipping colleges.

Organizational Structure

Shanghai Maritime Court has 13 institutions at the department level, including 8 trial business departments including the Case Filing Tribunal, Maritime Tribunal, Maritime Commerce Tribunal, Yangshan Deep-Water Port Tribunal, Local Tribunal at Yangkou Port, Lianyungang Tribunal, Enforcement Department and Trial Supervision Tribunal, and 5 general administrative departments of the Research Office, Bailiff Squad, Office of Political Affairs, Executive Office and Inspection Office.

Court Development

In resent years, centering on the core work of the CPC and the Central Government as well as the goals and requirements of the economic and social development of Shanghai and the surrounding regions, Shanghai Maritime Court took the initiative to integrating into the national strategic and regional economic and social development and made its due contribution as a maritime court in such respects as building Shanghai into an international shipping center, responding to the international financial crisis, and providing judicial protection to the development of China (Shanghai) Pilot Free Trade Zone. By giving full play to the judicial functions of a marine court, the Court closed a big number of maritime cases in a fair and efficient way, and the number of cases it accepted ranked top among the maritime courts in China, many of which have significant influence both at home and abroad, winning universal praise and building a good international image for the Court. The Court has been adhering to the concept of 'enforcing laws in a just way for the people' and has solved many maritime disputes involving people's livelihood. It earnestly implemented various measures to provide judicial convenience and benefits to the people, and improved the emergency response mechanism for justice for the people, to satisfy the judicial demand of the people and effectively maintain social stability. The Court always followed the rules of maritime trial, constantly made innovation in and improved the operating mechanisms of juridical authority, and developed the advantage of professional trial by professional specialization of collegial panels. It improved the professionalism of judicial trial using the wit of experts, developed diversified settlement mechanism of maritime disputes to provide more choices for the involving parties to resolve disputes, and summarized judicial experience to provide rich practical materials for interpretation of legislative and judicial interpretation.


In resent years, Shanghai Maritime Court has been awarded with the 'National Demonstrative Court in Judicial Openness', the 'Shanghai Model Unit' and 'Shanghai Learning-oriented Authority at the Municipal Level'. Its internal organizations gained the 'National Model Court Collective', the 'National Model Collective in Maritime Trial', the 'Model Grass-roots CPC Group of Shanghai Authorities at the Municipal Level', and the 'Shanghai Model Women Post'. Many individuals were awarded with the 'National Model Individual in Maritime Trial', the 'Shanghai Expert in Trial Business', the 'Shanghai Excellent Judge', the 'Youth Expert of Shanghai Authorities at Municipal Level', the 'Excellent CPC Member of Shanghai Authorities at Municipal Level', and the 'Shanghai Model Worker of Court in Case Handling'.


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